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Let's enjoy various contents with friends from
all over the world in a wonderful virtual world.

You can decorate your avatar with various parts divided into hair and costumes.
Show your avatar to your virtual friends.

You can also play various mini-games.
Enjoy various mini-games such as soccer, baseball, and multi-survival mode.

Let's make a private movie theater.
Why don't you turn on the YouTube video you want to watch
and watch it with your friend?
You should prepare popcorn and coke, right?

Of course, you can't forget to enjoy a night party
with your loved ones with colorful fireworks!

The Galaxity Beta is ready to greet you at any time.
You can download it for free right now on Steam!

Galaxity : Beta can be seen in VR and mobile.
Have a special experience where VR users and mobile users meet in one space!

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